Staff Retreat 2013!

4th January 2013.

Singapore Heritage Trail

This was the day and theme for our staff retreat yesterday. We ensemble at Suntec City for breakfast at Burger King and then off we went to do an amazing race to discover Singapore Heritage.

We were all divided into 5 groups. I was in a group of five and our group name was called Blue. There were 4 women and 1 man in our group so naturally the man became our group leader hehee…

After the briefing and deciding which route to take, we boarded the Hippo Bus which will take us to our Heritage Trail.


My Burger King breakfast set …


The map which help us to find clues and landmarks for the amazing race …



Our Blue Group tag ….


The tickets to board the Hippo Bus….


The Hippo Bus ….



One of our 5 destination …. The Kampung Glam Malay Heritage Centre. This place was previously known as The Istana Kampung Glam (Kampung Glam Castle) as well as know by another name called “Gedung Kuning” (Yellow Mansion). It is now used to showcase our Malay heritage, culture and history.

After that we move to the Padang area … where the Central Business District (CBD) is located, as well as many historical monuments are placed.  At this place, we were to find 3 monument (Lim Bo Seng Monument, Sir Stamford Raffles statue and the Singapore Philatelic Museum).  Since they are all nearby, we hopped off the bus and walked from one destination to another.  Phew! What a workout, especially since yesterday was a VERY SUNNY Day!

Still it was enjoyable, as our team bonded well and had a relax atmosphere for we are all able to get along with one another.  I could not have asked for a better group 🙂


While walking, I took a shot of this which was displayed at the outskirt of Boat Quay.


This is a shot of the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery …. saw this while on our way to the Philatelic Museum.


Sir Stamford Raffles statue …. Poor chap, been standing for years regardless of the weather hehee


A view of the Singapore River near Boat Quay area,



A shot of the Chinatown area …. can see the Red Banners? those are the decorations being put up for the upcoming celebration of Chinese New Year which will fall in February 2013.

We could only completed 4 out of the 5 tasks given for due to time constraint all teams we called back for lunch.

So we reached Amirah’s Grill (the place for our lunch) around 12.30 pm sharp.  We were the first team to arrive, yeayyy!!!


After lunch, we went on for the next lap of activity ….


A shot from Clifford Pier, known as “Anting” at one time, this is the place where many sailors used to hang around while waiting for their next sail.  I knew about this place since my father was one of the sailormen who frequented this place to meet up with friends or just to find out which ship need workers.

The whole event ended at 4 pm, after which I went home …..  my oh my! I was too tired but it was indeed enjoyable.

A good retreat and workout indeed!


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