I Miss You!

I Miss You! … this is not only the title of the latest Korean drama that I am watching but also something that is real and close to my heart.

I Miss You …. dear mother!

I Miss You … dear father!

I Miss You … dear brother-in-law!

I Miss You … dear nephew!

I miss these beloved … SO MUCH but I know that it will be a long long time before I am able to see them again. That is if I am eligible to see them.  May their souls rest in peace wherever they are.  Love them sooo … 😦

Somehow it was such a coincidence that on that particular day, as I was missing him, out of nowhere I received a watsapp from his mother asking “Do you miss baby?” ….

Of course!… I do miss him and I know I will always miss him.  I told his mum that almost every single day, at least once a day, I will be thinking, remembering and missing him.  That I always feel that he is there with us always but that right now he is invisible. Maybe I should called him “Hadi The Invisible”? … 🙂

Whatever it is, I know he is in a much much better and most wonderful place and he is far more happier, being surrounded with those blessed and in the protection of the Most Mighty …  🙂

It is just a matter of time …. a matter of time before one of us will join them.  As someone once said …”life is a journey and that we will all die, it’s just that there are those who will reach there first but never doubt that we will follow when its time”.

So living and dying is part of a journey …. journey to the land of eternity and while they have gone much earlier than me, it does not mean the love will stop.  I miss you and I love you!



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