Another Zhenghua girl in the house!

Early yesterday morning, the phone gave out a small “phing” sound.  I was actually napping in the bus on my way to work … opened the eyes groggily and read the sms.  Yeayyy!!! Reading the message made me wide awake …hehee

Alhamdulillah, my 2nd daughter has been allocated a place in the same school as her eldest sister … It’s Zhenghua Secondary School for her next year 🙂 Another Zhenghua girl in the house!

It was our first choice for her and so we were delighted with the news.

Today was the registration day, been there this morning and everything settled … school uniform, PE attire and school books all purchased already.  Left only the school shoes which I think we will do the purchasing this weekend perhaps.

This time the school had done a good job in making the induction short and sweet for the parents, definitely shorter than when I had to sit in for my eldest girl … 3 years ago.

I hope next year my girls will have an awesome time in school and excel well in their academic as well as CCA activities.

Study hard while having fun and be the best one can be in whatever one do is important for a balance school-home environment.  I hope with the new Character building model the MOE has introduced, our children will be better citizen at home as well as outside the home environment.

I am keen to be involve in the Parent Support Group next year … I hope there is something I can help as well as contribute to the school …. perhaps teach a session or two to the kids on how to do searches using the various databases available on the National Library Board online library 😉   Well, we have to see how it goes first ….

All in all …. I am happy and I believe my girl too is happy to be a Zhenghua SS girl 🙂


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