Good Progress Reward!

Yesterday night I received a pleasant surprise in the form of a letter.

My 2nd daughter has been chosen to receive the Good Progress Reward. Yeayy!!! Alhamdulillah indeed!

The fact was I am more excited and happy than my daughter hehee…..

When I told her the news she looked so nonchalant … Seeing her reaction I was not surprised but rather amused cos among my kids, she is the one with a different in thinking and attitude and these keep me on my toes 😉

A challenge indeed for me as a parent but I hope as she grow bigger… maturity will set in and she will be easier to understand.

In a way. she is also more like me when I was young. Stubborn and a loner as well as a voracious reader.

Anyway, back to the award… She has indeed make lots of progress and deserve this award. I’m so happy and proud of her achievement even without the award. I hope she will continue to make progress … not just in terms of academic achievement but in all things in life, particularly in developing her personality as a person.



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