Real and scary!!!

This week seems surreal but really this incident happened 2 days ago.

On Monday night, as my girls and I was watching TV in our hall, hubby suddenly ran towards us and asked “Did you not see?” … I said “See what?” … Then he told us that he saw a figure of someone running out from our 2nd daughter’s bedroom to our bedroom.  We looked around and see nothing.  So we dismissed it ….

Then the next day as I was concerned about my hubby not feeling well, I called home to ask the kids whether their father had been back home for a rest when my eldest urgently asked to speak to me.

This is what she said ….

“Ibu … just now I wanted to play my game but could not login cause the screen went blank.  I told my friend via watsapp but they do not believe me so I took photo of the blank computer screen … when I checked the photo I saw a ghostly figure in it.  I quickly switch on the “Yassin””.

I was shocked and asked her to watsapp me the pic.

The figure was there and still throughout the night we thought we had figured it out caused by a camera applications.

Still I did not feel good about it …. too coincidence with the incident of my husband seeing someone running in the house.

So with the help of my 3rd sister, she helped to call an expert in such matters (someone we know quite well) and yesterday he came and true enough there was “something” in the house.

The moment it was confirmed that it was real … my body system went into shocked!  Still I was able to keep calm by telling myself that all creatures are created by the One.  Fear should not be allowed to invade my mind when I have Allah swt as my protector.

According to the expert, it was a lost soul looking for a place, happened to pass by my house and like it as well as liking my 3rd daughter.

Alhamdulillah, luckily we knew about it fast.  With the help of the expert and Allah’s will, the “thing” is gone now.  Everything is back to normal ….

Hopefully nothing like this happens again.

One time is enough an experience to last a lifetime ….




3 thoughts on “Real and scary!!!

  1. That was surreal Busu!Alhamdulillah glad it’s all over.Lost soul…kuasa Allah swt,Allahu akbar.Hope no one is in trauma Busu.Kita baca pun ada sikit seram sejuk jugak but like how you said it,Allah creates everything and this is one of the many.Take care Busu.

      • In syaa Allah Busu.Teruskan azan mengaji dan serah padaNya ya.Yalah bende baru terjadi,lagi lagi hal begini,tak mudah nak dilupakan,Kita sebagai pembaca pun terasa jugak busu gerun nya.Semoga Allah swt melindungi busu sekeluarga dari sebarang gangguan amin.It is all going to be ok in time ya,take care *hugs*

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