She passed!

Alhamdulillah …. today the PSLE result was out and though I did not went to the school personally, I did sent my representative (my eldest daughter) to go on my behalf.  Told her to watsapp me once she got the result.  So kancheong arr this mother …hehee

Alhamdulillah …. my 2nd daughter passed, she’s going to the NA stream. She did rather well for 3 of her subjects with English (B grade), Malay (A grade) and Science (B grade), only her maths she did not do well and because of that she did not manage to get a better aggregate.  Still all of us are happy that she has passed  and gonna move on to the secondary level.

It has never been my top priority that my kids must excel highly to achieve academic success. More importantly is their character building (which I am facing big challenge here), and maintaining their interest in continuing to learn …. learning is a lifelong journey and as I’ve told them hundred of times already, it does not matter if you don’t achieve As all the time or even never but as long as the interest to learn and seek knowledge is continuous then anything is possible and success will be achieve.  All it takes is discipline and hard work (Effort) plus lots of faith and supplications.

One of the thing I have to applaud the government here is that they have made it possible for all children to achieve success by having many route to achieve them.

For now, I hope she will be able to enrol in a good school of our choice and continue to strive to better herself, not just academically but in character and moral as well as confidence and good self-esteem.

Frankly, as a parent, true success to parenting will be only when all my kids graduate to adulthood and become a responsible adult with faith and good social ethics.  Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir …..


2 thoughts on “She passed!

  1. Marha Marha!Alhamdulillah..Congrats to your daughter for her effort to reach such achievement 🙂 All the best in the new phase she will go through soon and bi iznillah,may she be a muslimah of perserverence in pursuing knowledge amin!Good job busu n hub!

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