Legoland Malaysia

19th November 2012.

Woke up early dawn after which around 7 am, the whole family went out to Singapore Flyer to meet my 4th BIL and his family to catch the tour bus to Legoland Malaysia.

Singapore Flyer ….

Could not resist taking a shot of this antique trishaw …. it was on display at Level 1 of the Singapore Flyer!

This is the first of its kind in Asia …. everyone was excited to go especially my little niece 🙂

We boarded the bus at 8.50 am … reached Legoland about 9.45 am. Delay was due to the slow traffic in Singapore to the Tuas checkpoint.

I was glad we went there on a Monday …. less crowded even though the school vacation has just started. I was also very very pleased with the weather …. Alhamdulillah!  The sky was gray, at times dark gray, windy and yet not a single drop of rain throughout the day.  Perfect indeed for an outing in a park! 🙂

Here are some photos of the trip …. Enjoy!



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