The Red Apples and The Swing!

Life in the campus is never dull, there is always something new happening … always full of flavour,, thanks to our creative students.

Today, as I was walking up the staircase towards the arts building, something red caught my attention …. on a closer look I realised there are red apples dangling from the brances, with strands of red strings and a swing can be seen as well …. it looks beautiful to the eye … well as least in the day time but I think if I were to see it for the first time at night, it would be a different story … most likely SPOOKY!!!! ….hehee …

Wonder what is the story behind this creation …. hmm … just hope is something meaningful and nice instead of horror 😉

Here’s a picture of the tree with red apples and swing …. Oh! and the apples are real too!



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