The half-baked trip …

Last Friday, 9th November 2012, our ACIS teambuilding went to the Hortpark for the annual teambuilding session.  Usually these session would consists of almost 70% of our staff strength.

I was excited and sooo looking forward to the trip cos it’s my first time to the Hortpark.  Alas! my wish could not be fulfilled …. thanks to Mother Nature 😉

We carpooled and reached the park center around 1.30 pm.  Once there, I started to take some shots and already the sky had begin to darkened.  Still hoping it would not rain, we waited for the rest of the staff.

One of my favourite view of the place …. so serene and beautiful!

Then about 15 mins after our arrival, the first drop of rain fell on us … hahaaa… it’s raining!!!!

So the trip to explore Hortpark had to be cancelled and as a replacement, we were told to go to Vivo City, where we were assigned in groups to observe how the customer service were done in that shopping mall.

I guess better luck next time ….. hopefully next time it won’t be a half-baked trip …


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