How time flies….

Indeed …. time wait for no man … today is already the 7th day FIL has been gone.

I will be going to MIL’s place after work for the Tahlil (prayers for FIL).

In the Malay community, people would usually do Tahlil for the dead on the 1st day which is the day of the burial, then on the 3rd, 7th, 40th, 100th days and finally yearly on the death anniversary.

Yesterday, after work I rushed home and together with my girls make tpotato cutlets (begedel) for tonight’s event. The rest of the dishes will be cook by my 3rd sister. MIL has asked to cater for 40 pax.

MIL is still trying to adjust to life without her husband …. it will definitely takes time cos they have been together for 49 years. I can’t imagine how I would feel and act should it happen to me 😦

Still life has to go on ….insya’Allah she will be able to cope being on her own.


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