October 30th, 2012

A lot of things happened on this day, October 30th.

This is the day birthdays was celebrated, good fortune were received and important of all, this is the day my father-in-law breathe his last.

At around 8 pm, we received a call informing us of his death.  Alhamdulillah, he died peacefully at home, with his wife and majority of his sons by his side.

My husband and I were not around cos we went back home late since on that very day, my husband was told to collect his taxi.

And so this very day, October 30th marked important event for us all.

Even though we were not able to be by his side, both of us have no regret cos we both knew we were by his side most of the time when he needed us and when he was conscious.

My father-in-law started to be in a coma state since Eidul Adha which was on 26th October. Since then he never responded to any of us anymore … its like only his physical being still existed but his soul was hanging somewhere  …. lost in a world unknown to us.

Yesterday was the burial day and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.

I just called my mother-in-law just now asking how she was coping and it was good to hear her being strong and calm.

All of us are sad at his passing, but we are also relief to see him being freed from his illness.  May Allah have mercy on his soul and May he rest in peace till Jannah.  Insya’Allah ….Amin amin amin Ya Rabb!.

Bapak … though I have never express my love in words, I know you know I care lots and deep for you …You took over my own father’s place when I need one.  Thank you! *sob*


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