After 19 yrs of being a daughter-in-law, I suppose its natural to develope some kind of bonding and even affection towards my father-in-law (FIL), even though we are not close in reality.

After being bedridden and suffering from cancer, my FIL has been losing weight. Everyday he do not have the appetite to eat and drink. At this rate, he will get weaker and weaker as time goes by.

Now sitting alone by his bed in the ward, I look at him sleeping and all I wish is for him to have a good journey back to the Almighty.

He is suffering so much while we are helpless to do more.

Truly illness comes from You, Ya Rabb! And You’re the best doctor of all!

May You have mercy on my FIL, forgive this loving, at times funny and exasperating man who is my father-in-law. Forgive him and shower your mercy and blessing on him. Place him in the akhirat among those whom You love and protect him Ya Rabb!

Amin amin amin Ya Rabbal alamin…


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