My saturday – 29th Sept

29th Sept. Woke up late and was not in the mood to do anything but to laze around the house. Felt kind of tired but around almost 11 am, I forced myself to go out ….. visit my FIL at the hospital. I knew from our cousin that our aunt and another cousin will be visiting and since they came all the way from KL, I felt I better be there lest they need help with directions.

Hubby was working and I knew he would be coming down to the hospital later in the day.

I reached the hospital around 12 pm … spent the next hour waiting on my FIL and keeping my ML company. Then afterwards as I was just about to leave for East Point for a while received a call that said our aunt and cousin were on the way and reaching the hospital soon. Thereafter, I posponed going to East Point and instead waited for them.

They arrived safely, our aunt whom we lovingly called Mak Bam. She is my FIL eldest sister. Left only the two of them now and both are in their eighties.

Besides Mak Bam, her son abang Amin, his wife and their 2 younger kids came. I was glad to be able to meet them 🙂

FIL condition has not improved much. In fact just now, I was quite surprised to see both the left arm and leg swollen.

Tomorrow will be visiting FIL again but maybe in the evening cos I have house chores to do in the day. Kids are still having their exams so need to spent more time revising.

Alright that’s all for now …. I’m sleepy and gonna turn in soon.



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