Busy week

It’s been a busy and tiring week.

Friday, 21st Sept. Received a call from hubby informing me of father-in-law’s admittance to the hospital.

After work, we went to pay him a visit and was informed that doctor diagnosed him as having lung cancer.

Saturday, 22nd Sept. Visit FIL around 5 pm, his condition look stable though he looked frail and he did not eat much. Stayed there for about an hour before going off for a dinner appointment.

Sunday, 23rd Sept. Visit FIL in the evening and received a shocked when we saw him. He was having fever and was in a delirious state. It looked like he won’t last long. My MIL was anxious and said she wanted to stay overnight and when I noticed nobody offered to accompany her, I decided to do so. In the end, looking at MIL so tired, our cousin suggested she went back home to rest and that left only me to accompany FIL throughout the night.

Poor FIL, whole night could not sleep but fortunately and lots of Alhamdulillah, he no longer had a fever.

Monday, 24th Sept. Around 7 am plus, I went back home after a night of vigil by FIL’s side. Went back home with a massive throbbing head. The moment I reached home I went straight to bed. Woke up in the afternoon, took a shower and eat my lunch. After zuhr I went straight back to bed. The second time I woke up it was around 4 pm. After my eldest daughter came back from school, both of us went to see FIL again.

Another shocker waited us upon reaching the hospital. Hubby told us that doc said FIL has maglinant stomach cancer since 2010 but has kept it secret from all of us. So now, he has lots of pain due to that and more.

Tuesday, 25th Sept. I attended the LAS Conference held at Matrix Building @ Biopolis. This year’s theme was Librarians for Tomorrow.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself for I got to meet my ex-colleagues from other libraries.

Wednesday, 26th Sept. Received watsapp from 4th SIL that the doctor wanted to meet the patient’s children. So my youngest and 4th BILs and his wife was able to meet and we were informed on the results or rather the report on my FIL’s condition.

Alhamdulillah, on the same day the doctor was able to treat the clot on the leg first. As for his tumour in the stomach and blockage in the heart we have to wait reviews from the surgical team.

May Allah make ease for my FIL and may he has a speedy recovery. Amin!


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