Just musing on a wet night!

Working late till 8pm tonight. Weather outside is cold and wet. The sky was dark since 5.20 pm and now its tears just keep pouring out. I simply love the rain 🙂

Now even the song of the sky can be heart ….. Boom! Boom! Boom! calls the thunder to the earth ….

Sweet smelling is the rain and the cold that seeps through the library brings to mind of those coolness I felt when I was in Jeju Island. I missed Jeju Island, which I hope to be able to visit again someday.

It’s a wish of mine to be able to travel at least once a year to countries I’ve never been to, but alas! fianncially I’m not able to …. nevertheless the wish and hope is still alive in my heart.

Hubby failed his module 1 again … never mind he can still try and keep trying until he succeed. Out of 5 modules, only left this one so insya’Allah he will passed when its time.

10 more days to PSLE, I think I am more nervous about it than my 2nd daughter. Then a week after that eldest and youngest daugthers’s turn to do their final year examinations.

Only then can I finally feel at ease…. results wise I just hope they pass.

PS: ok correction…. I just reached home and discovered from reading my hubby’s result slip that He Had PASSED!!! Alhamdulillah …. Duh! the joker, pulling my legs he did! Hahahaaa


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