Father-in-law’s rezki

Yesterday was a fine example of how we human plan but ultimately the end results is for Allah to determine.

Both my husband and I, together wif my 4th BIL and his wife, we went to Eunos Crescent to collect the supposed 2nd hand hospital bed. But when we arrived, we were told the auto bed was no longer available. Such a dissappointment 😦

I was a bit unhappy that these ppl did not do a proper inventory cos if they had we would not have wasted our time.

Then as we were deciding what to do, hubby suggested we go to the shop that sell these beds instead… He said just go and take a look.

The nearest and cheapest I know was Rainbow Care at Ubi Road One. So off we went.

Upon reaching the shop, we looked at some beds and decded to purchase the cheapeat one immediately…. all of us never plan this but we decided to do so cos of the parents. Its already tough for my MIL as the caregiver to look after my FIL who is bedridden right now.

Money wise, frankly it’s tight for me but I push the thought aside. The needs of the parent have to come first. Other matters I’m leaving them in Allah’s hand.

Alhamdulillah, my BIL and his wife also decided to chip in. So we divided the cost among us. Whether the rest of the siblings want to chip in we have no idea and I for one do not want to have any expectation …. No expectation = No dissappointment!

So finally after a few persuasion, the kind staff agreed to deliver n install the bed on the same day and lucky they were able to do so cos we had to do some shifting in the house and yesterday we had enough manpower cos all of us were there.

Budget wise we wanted a 2nd hand bed but Allah has decided that my FIL shall get a new bed… Rezki dia πŸ™‚

Alhamdulillah, important thing is that we were able to fulfill the needs of the parent.

Redha mak bapak = redha Allah. Semoga itu yg kami dpt, insyaAllah!


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