3 words – P S H


These are the first 3 words I saw in a word puzzle. According to the FB status, the first word I saw describe who I am…. hmmm

I don’t believe in such things but as I ponder over these words I begin to look into myself and ask these questions :

1. Am I proud? I do believe ‘No’ cos there’s nothing to be proud of in reality. Proudness in oneself can be good and bad, so should I really am a proud person I hope its a good one …. Still humbleness in oneself is the best yet.

2. What am I scared of? Actually lots of things but mainly I’m scared of being far from The Almighty sight and mercy.

I used to think that doing actions that will gain me other people’s affection will make me happy but I discovered these are never lasting and very superficial… I’ve long stopped doing that. Right now, reality and eternal means religion and The One. I just wish I am stronger in faith to do what I must do šŸ˜¦

3. Why am I hopeful? This one word is so full of positivity… I like! šŸ™‚

In life as I’ve discovered since I lost my mother at the age of 18, hope is the one that will spur a person and make what appears dark to be light and radiant like a rainbow.

Hope is also one of the two (the other is fear) that makes me keep wanting to move towards the One despite regular fall on my part. Hope for His guidance, His mercy, His love and more plus fear of His anger, His displeasure ….

Hope …. Is like the small bud of plant that grow when everything else has died due to drought.

Hope …. Is like when in total darkness, suddenly a light appears out of nowhere.

Hope …. Yes definitely among the 3 words, I like ‘Hope’ the best.


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