8 syawal

Today marked the 8th day of Syawal (Islamic calendar).  Many are still active in visiting relatives and friends. For my family, this is it.  Yesterday was our last day of visitation.  Not that we did go to many houses, in fact, we went only to about 9 houses only.

Time to focus on our daily activities, I have 2 user education class to teach this week, starting from Tuesday and I’m pretty nervous cos I have not been able to practice much.  I just hope it will go smoothly despite the lack of practice on my part.

Kids are also getting busier with their school works.  The eldest has to submit her projects by Tuesday and the younger two have homework as well as revision to prepare for the next exam.

My 2nd daughter confide in me this morning about how nervous she is about her PSLE exam.  I’m glad we had the opportunity to talk about it.  Insya’Allah she will pass with flying colours.  Effort and du’a have to go hand in hand to attain success.

This week also mark the week my husband will sit for his taxi license exam.  Looks like the whole family is under some kind of stress …. more than normal.  I’m praying hard that he will pass.  Age is catching up on him and with all of us, so I hope a change in career as a taxi driver will make it easier for him for he do not has the strength to work such manual work these days.  Plus being a taxi driver, we hope he will be able to give service to his parents by being available to send them for their checkups.  We hope there is barakah in doing so. May Allah bless these intentions and make it a reality.  Amin!

On a different note, I wish people would stop misunderstanding me.  Seeking forgiveness and giving forgiveness does not mean that things will be back like in the past.  I am now in the stage of distancing myself not because I dislike or still hold a grudge, I don’t  but rather what happened are things that hold lessons for me and that to me its wise to not be too close for I do not want matters of the heart (with others) to distract me from what I should be focusing on.

Neway, everyday it’s essential to renew our intentions and when the faith is weak, do not let it stay that way too long.  As quickly as we can, we must stand up again to gain that end that we wish.  Insya’Allah!

ok got to go now, my visitors are coming 🙂

Have a bless week everyone!


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