Will I see you again?

3 more days and then will I know the real test. Whether what I have strive in Ramadan will continue or sink like a broken ship in the sea.

Even knowing how precious it is to gain Lailatul qadar, I care not to think whether I will receive it cos I believe if Allah wants me to, He will make it possible for me to achieve it. What’s more important is knowing that with His Grace and Mercy, Allah swt has allowed me to be able to experience Ramadan this year…alhamdulillah!

Next year, will I meet and be able to experience Ramadan again? Only Allah knows but the thought of Ramadan leaving is making my heart cry like a baby being abandon by the mother.

I wish Ramadan can last longer, a month seems too short 😦

Ya Ramadan… Ya Ramadan… will I see you again next year?

Thank you Ya Rabb for allowing me to see and experience this year’s Ramadan. Thank you for making it peaceful and hopefully fruitful for us all.



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