Spring cleaning

Ok today no work …. took the day off since kids are also not schooling in lieu of National Day celebration.

I do not have the mood for Hari Raya (Eid), no mood to go visiting but nevertheless am having the whole house thoroughly clean cos I figured the poor house is entitled to a spring cleaning at least once a year 🙂

Now my laundry basket is overflow with dirty curtains and bedsheets. Kids are actively helping with the cleaning, they have been wiping the windows grills, vacuuming, throwing all the rubbish that seems to pile up over the months in their bedrooms. Both toilets are scrub and will go thru another round of scrubbing next saturday.

This year, I have decided to cut down the number of visitations during Eid. Our priority will be visiting the elders in our family and our siblings. Other than that we will not be visiting other houses, my apologies but I have no mood for long celebrations of Eid. To me, Eid should only be celebrated the first 3 days and that’s it.

Although we are not visiting many houses, but we are always happy to receive guests to our house 🙂

I think its time for a change of culture. The purpose of visiting should be because we want to meet one another, so it should not matter who visit whose house first or whether the person will reciprocate the visitation itself. Again the purpose should be to renew our “silahturrahim” and not to exchange visitation to each other’s house. By doing so, all of us will save time, energy and yet at the same time, are able to meet one another and seek forgiveness from one another.

Also, this year, kids are having their CA2 right after the Eid so they have to concentrate on their revisions.

I hope slowly but surely, our muslims community will be able to change the culture of wastage that are aplenty during the festive seasons and that we learn to priortise Ramadan more than Hari Raya itself.

20120810-225640.jpgthe mess ….




20120810-225712.jpgyoungest doter cleaning her room …



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