of time, death and self

Islam is a way of life. Now what does this sentance tell me?

To me life consists of many parts, different stages I have gone through and should I be given a long life, many more parts awaits me.

Thus in Islam there are many parts that I have to know and learn to lead a good life and hoping for a good end (husnul khatimah)… must always remind myself to strive to implement them as many as I could.

Besides performing the 5 pillars of Islam, affirming the 6 pillars of Iman, learning to get along with others and respecting our differences, coping with life’s tests and trials, covering my aurat, battling my desires of worldly materials and the list goes on and on…. I must remember one important factor, DEATH AWAITS ME!

As I’ve shared with my daughters many times before, do not procrastinate (delay) any good deeds that we want to do cos time waits for no man. We have only the present, the future is unknown. We do not know when death will come knocking to fetch us so always do what good we want to do as soon as we can.

as for any bad intentions or deeds we wish to do then try by all means to fight the urge or delay as long as possible until with Allah’s permission we are able to extinguish it totally from our heart.

Making supplication (du’a) is our weapon to help us with life’s trials and tribulations. So never leave it from our daily activity.

Our iman goes up and down, that’s a fact but what I have is to remember is not to let it stay low too long.

This year’s Ramadan, many lessons I’ve learnt about myself. There are things I do and said that I am not proud of but looking back Alhamdulillah cos upon reflecting on them, I come to realise that it is an opportunity Allah has given to me to show my shortcomings. To be able to see and realise them is the beginning of guidance itself. A beginning to self-improvement, insya’Allah!

May Allah guide and help me in this new journey cos I know I cannot do it on my own.

It’s going to be tougher and harder cos the enemy is myself.

Yet strive I must.



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