Recycle – CD casings

My colleague who is good at art n craft taught us to make plastic boxes out of recycled CD casings. I simply love them for not only it uses recycle material but it is also very functional and looks good 🙂


Without using any glue, tape … attach the casing together from edge to edge


all 4 sides are attached …..

20120727-172004.jpgVoila! … the finished product 🙂

to make it nicer, you can even insert or paste pictures of your choice at the sides

instead of leaving it transparency like mine.


2 thoughts on “Recycle – CD casings

  1. Wow nice nice!Thanks for sharing Busu!So want to do this with my boys :)) Maybe can use acryllic paint to paint on the box.Kudos to you n friend for this brilliant idea!

    • Welcome my dear and yes sri … can paint or do collage on it. I’m sure the boys will enjoy the activity 🙂

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