“Words are like medicine. Little is enough and too much destroy you.” – Amr bin Al-Aas

If I reflect on this quote, it refers not just about talking to people but about writing.

Too much speaking and/or writing can be detrimental to me if I am not careful on what I speak or write.

It is a skill to be able to utter words or write words that benefits the self and others.  Likewise eating too much is bad for the body so are certain actions in life ….. less talking and more listening are more needed to help us function better as people.  Wallahu’alam.

I am indeed weak in this matter …. I have the habit to talk more than listen, it’s definitely something I have to practice to make it a habit.

Perhaps, this Ramadan will help me to acquire this skill or perhaps not … have to try though.

Ok … less words and more deeds.  So enough for today.







2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Nice quote Busu.It is true.Great reminder coz we women are sensitive beings and we speak what we feel most times than not.As long as we are talking to the right people who understand us most and who can give the best advice as well insya’Allah.*HUGS*

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