Fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan …. is just around the corner.  This is the month where we, Muslims, fast (abstain from food and drinks from dawn to dusk) for one whole month.

Fasting is not just about the action of not eating …. physically, yes we stop eating for a time but it goes deeper than that.  Fasting is also an act that cultivates the spiritual side of us and the emotional side of us.  Only through fasting we are able to give our stomache the rest it needs, through fasting we are able to experience the feeling of hunger and this helps us (who take the time to reflect) to sympathise to the life of those living in constant hunger due to their countries economy and political situations and be more humble and grateful for the everyday morsel that we have.

In spiritual aspects, fasting opens the channel for our soul to be stronger and easier in receiving divine knowledge and wisdom.  Insya’Allah.

For those who have young children at home, here’s something to read and do with the kids.  May it be beneficial to us all. Thanks to  Suhaibwebb.

“Ramadan is an opportunity to help children to self-reflect. Children of most ages can begin with the question of “Why do we fast?” Help your children understand that fasting is more than being without food and water. It is a spiritual cleansing that comes through reflecting on our actions, life and creation.

As children get old enough to fast, even for part of the day, they may also connect the pangs of hunger to the less fortunate throughout the world. Children should understand that fasting is not a punishment, but rather it is done willingly for the sake of Allah – It is a personal act of worship.

Older children may also reflect on what it means to forgive and be forgiven. As they enter adolescence, they can begin to reflect on their relationship with Allah and His Mercy. Giving children opportunities to ponder about Allah and providing space for them to develop a personal relationship with Allah will help them gain greater focus and a deeper meaning to the acts of worship performed throughout Ramadan.”

(source ;

I shall end this with wishing everyone “Ramadan Mubarak” …. May this year’s Ramadan brings out all of our positive sides, most beneficial to us all and all our good deeds be accepted by the One.  Amin!

Bless us all Ya Rabb!



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