Family history. Pt. 2 – Abdul Samad bin Deraman’s family

Ok I shall now continue with the family history, this time I will be writing more about the family of Abdul Samad Bin Deraman (Abdul Rahman Dikun), who was the grandfather of my husband, great-grandfather to our children.

Abdul Samad and his wife, Martini had 5 children.

– Putih (1928- 2004)

– Yahaya (1929- died ?)

– Rokiah (1930)

– Kassim (1933-2012)

– Majid (1935- died ?)

The aunts and uncles :

Mak Long (Putih) as we called her which mean eldest aunt, had 3 marriages in her lifetime. She had 6 children (3 sons, 3 daughters) and 1 adopted son.

Pak Yahaya, was someone whom I only knew the name but had never met. He passed away long before I knew my husband. He had 2 marriages in his lifetime and 10 children (6 sons, 4 daughters) plus 1 adopted daughter.

Mak Bam (Rokiah), is now living in Kuala Lumpur. She is one of my favourite aunt from my hubby’s side. The first time I saw her, I simply like her and the more I get to know about her, the more I love her. Mak Bam was married to Syed Abdullah Al-Edrus (1911-1969), who was a prominent writer of his time and the owner of a publishing house called Qalam Press. They had 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters.

I had read one of the book written by Syed Abdullah Al-Edrus. When he wrote, he went with the penned name Ahmad Lutfi. I was just playing around with the WebOPAC at my workplace when I saw the title. Within a day, I had finished reading “Balik dari medan perjuangan” = “Return from the war”. I was happy that I was able to read a book written by him.


The book cover


The title page of the book

Pak Kassim, was the 4th child.  He’s my father-in-law.  Married to Jainab bte Mohamed, they had 7 sons of which 2 died before birth.  My husband is the eldest son. Pak Kassim was an amiable man and quite the joker, though not everyone can stomach his jokes at times… hahaa…

The last was Pak Busu (Majid).  He was married to Mak Busu Salmah and they had the most number of children. They had 13 children, 9 sons and 4 daughters.

All in all husband’s side of the family are HUGE!!!!

I have not met all of them …. with the hectic lifestyles that all of us have these days, time to have a family gathering is simply quite impossible.

Ok let’s view some old photos :

This is a picture of the old kampung house where my husband used to live.

and this one here, a picture of my husband as a kid climbing the tree next to his house.


A picture of Pak Yahaya (left) and his friend, Abdullah Chik, who was a famous actor/singer (1960-70s)


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