Reflecting on myself

I have a friend who used to say to me that I talked nonsense. I used to be hurt by it but will try to brush it off in the name of our friendship.

Today I received another insight on myself, that my posts in FB might at times be causing harm to some people reading it ….  that was downright shocking to me …. (mcm kena sepak kan …)

Upon reflections, these friends may not be wrong … afterall yg baik dari Allah dan yg tidak baik dari diri sendiri … so if I am told to be speaking nonsense then yes I do believe I’m guilty of it cos I am just a soul experiencing human experience.  What comes out of me can be good and can also be bad, not just from myself but towards others as well,

The key is to always bear in mind … that I need to train to think positive, need to train to reflect more and that not necessarily what appears hurtful and painful is no good at all.

Alhamdulillah it’s a good slap in the face to be aware of this.

Today in class, I wrote this mantra for myself :

“I AM A SOUL, I DON’T NEED THIS (worldly materials or emotional baggage etc) I HAVE ALLAH!

gonna try to make this works … I hope I can, insya’Allah 🙂


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