Of Wafa and Deja …

Our youngest girl, celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. Our celebration consist of me buying the cake and present. Then we sang her the birthday song and took her photo … that’s all! Simple yet sufficient because her smile said it all.

The only thing that mar her day was the fall she had in school earlier that day. A classmate had pushed her hard and no apology was given, poor gal. Now, both knees are bruised. Alhamdulillah, no bones fracture.

The birthday cake and present :

20120629-105647.jpgThe birthday cake …


The present … a small bag (sorie pic is not in the right alignment)

Afterwards, around 8 pm, Deja, my niece, sister of my late nephew, Hadi … makes me laughed so much hahaa…

I was watsapping with her mum about the success of her making “Puteri Salat”, a traditional Malay kueh (dessert), that requires steaming.

Then in the midst of our conversation, I send her a picture of my youngest gal celebrating her 10th  and my sister-in-law showed it to Deja ….

Out of the blue, Deja started crying saying she wants to come to our house and even angrily scolded her mother for not telling her …hahaa

I then wrote to say not to cry and that her mum really did not know …. But little girl will be little girl, she continued crying and being angry … I would say she was pouting …ahh so cute!

And I was apologetic to my SIL  …. Nevertheless, to pacify Deja, I made a call to her and personally talked to her and then we made plans for her to have a sleepover at my place this Saturday.

On Sunday, I will bring her out together with my gals for a day out.

ahh kids …. they are truly pure and honest in their feelings … such a delight really!


2 thoughts on “Of Wafa and Deja …

  1. Happy Birthday again Wafa!Such a scrumptious cake with the bola bola choco..mmmm.From ibu with tons of love,sweet :)) Hope Wafa’s knees are better by now.

    Yes I agree with you so much Busu.Kids are the purest beings and they speak what they feel in all honesty.Bless the child.Amin.Have a great post bday weekend to all!

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