This and that …

Got the cough last Sunday, and now another Sunday has reach my life and the cough is still around.  This bug is really super strong … my medicine is almost finish, zilch!!!

I have been taking Vit C to boost my body immunity system …. I suppose it does help cos I can see that everyday there are improvements to my health though a slow one.  Have to be patience I suppose, an illness will come like a lightning to strike one’s down but will go away slow like a snail pace.

Oh! I think eating the pineapple also helps. I read somewhere that it helps to loosen the phlegm and so I tried. Yes, it definitely helps cos my chest does not hurt so much now when I cough.

Tomorrow’s start of the new school term for the kids …. back to the grind kiddos 🙂

Can just foresee the traffic will be super slow and might even jam up in certain areas ….. parents rushing off sending their kids to schools, rushing off to the offices, school buses rushing to make it on time etc etc …

Luckily the term has not started at my workplace ….. it will only starts in August, ahhh another month of peace before the place will be swarm with new students intake and the library will be noisy like a fish market again haahaa!!!

On a somber note, there are things I need to think carefully, I have so much on my mind but I do not know where to start.  Perhaps a quiet place and time spent reflecting would be a good start for me. … hmmm

Alright, let’s think of something else…. today is Sunday and that means it’s Ramadan and Beyond day …. looking forward to the class again after missing it last week.  I am definitely not “there” yet but shall continue looking and shall wait patiently cos if its meant for me somehow what I am looking will come …. ok aja aja fighting!!!!

Today shall cook a simple egg dish …. Sunday is always a lazy day for me … hah hah!

Yesterday, the kids enjoyed their bowls of Tom Yam and Sweet n Sour fish ….. thoroughly enjoyed themselves so much 🙂

I like simple menu …. easy to cook and tasty to the palate 🙂




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