Today is gonna be a busy day …. for the whole family.  Right now I’m waiting for my sisters to fetch me to do marketing for tomorrow’s event …. Kenduri arwah, memandangkan bulan Ramadan akan muncul tak lama lagi, insya’Allah.

Of course the duties of making supplications and reciting the verses of the Quran as gift to those who have passed on can be done individually and everyday but having the kenduri has lots more intangible benefits to us who are still alive.

Having a kenduri reminds us of death and those who have passed on, it brings a gathering of a group of people to sit down and recite together the verses of Quran, making silahturrahim closer, a sense of kinship, a sense of teamwork cos all the cooking done will require teamwork of us all etc.

Usually the kenduri would be held at my 3rd sister’s house but this year my house was selected, Alhamdulillah 🙂

The chef would be 3rd sister …. she is and will always be our Chief Chef …hehee

The choice of menu was chosen by the eldest sister.  Nasi briyani, dalcha, acar, ayam merah and I heard there will be bonesteak even … hahaaa….  😉

On a somber note, early this morning, I have this big urge to really meet my maker, suddenly it’s like the only thing I want right now …. a good end, meeting Him with “salam” being exchange between the creator and the creation, being back to the original me (the soul) ….. wallahu’alam …. well whatever it is I know it will come when it’s time and I’m just gonna continue to make lots of doa that I am able to have husnul khatimah …. Insya’Allah!

ok got to go now …. my sisters are coming.


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