My kids are my teachers

I think we have all heard of how a mother is the first teacher to a child … yes that’s right, a mother who nurture her child will always be considered as her child’s first teacher.

That is why as a mother, we are always reminded to mind our behaviour and our way of speaking cos the likelihood that our child will imitate what we do is very high.

I’m guilty of this … I always forget that I have to show good in order for my kids to follow.

Well, I’m not perfect, never has been and so what I have are kids who are also not perfect … there are times they are good and times they are naughty (not gonna say bad cos they aren’t, perhaps just a wee bit trying on my patience)

Then recently, as I sat reading and then observing, I realised something ….. I realised that a child in his/her innocence is also a teacher … a good one in fact.  A child is a teacher to his/her parents ….an effective teacher for parents who stop to think and ponder.  How many times have we notice that thru the actions of our child we learn to look at things in a different perspective? How many times thru their actions they bring us back to memories that we thought we would never recall? How many times because of them have we realise that we are jaded in our thinking, too rigid at times? Non-compromising?

As adults we are all too conforming to our beliefs … we have forgotten to ask questions, and so when a child ask questions, in finding their answers, they are also teaching us to start thinking and seeking answers …. Renewing the process of learning and discovering what most of us have let go as we aged.

In a way, the need to have children is not just about continuing with the family line but also to keep the spirit of humanity alive …. To keep the spirit of innocence alive ….To continue the process of learning and teaching.  It’s a big responsibility but with a greater rewards for us all.

Now, why am I writing this? I’m really no expert in this subject but I guess with all the observations and learning point that I have learn these few days, I just want to write it down, to remind myself in case I forget in the nearer future.

Ok now what do I do next? I suppose I can start by focusing on our family 3 days 2 nights getaway this weekend … looking forward to the noise, laughter and foods while in the midst of family bonding togetherness spirit.  Tonight must start packing bit by bit and I hope it will be one of the most memorable hols ever …. For that day will also be my 40th birthday (huhu kompem arr dah tuek …hehee) …. Just thinking of it makes me smile, not because I’m celebrating it but just … you know just being able to spend that once in  a lifetime day with my family 🙂

I feel blessed to have reach this far in age … Alhamdulillah!


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