Learning journey

As expected, yesterday class was awesome. After not attending classes for almost more than a year, finally I’m back and it feels good. Yeah baby, it’s feels really good 🙂 It’s like a homecoming!

Attending Sirah and beyond was like the appetiser and now with Ramadan and beyond, I feel the touch or rather the beginning of the journey of knowing who I am in reality….. not the physical being but the soul….the real ME!

I wish my sisters-in-Islam who were in the pioneer halaqah batch long time ago can attend the class with me. Somehow I miss the closeness and sisterhood that we shared.

Still as ustazah mentioned, each of us our spiritual journey will be different and unique …. it will never be the same for everyone of us and so I am sure that wherever the sisters may be at this moment, they are all doing great in each of their journey. InsyaAllah!

The first week of the class started with ta’ruf (introducing ourselves and sharing the what are we doing here? what we hope to gain? And why? why? why? and more why? till we have no answer left.

Then we move on learning about Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya….. his life, his teachers and students. For our class is based on his book entitled “The Invocation of God”.

Last part before the class ends, we learn about Ramadan…. how it’s written in arabic, the root letters and the meaning of Ramadan.

Topics such as why Ramadan is special …. is it due to its name? to historical events? All these and more ….

what I learn in week one just makes me want more and yes yes yes I’m so looking forward to week two.

May this learning journey be beneficial to myself and to others especially my kids…. insyaAllah.

Ya Rabb! I want this year’s Ramadan to be much better than the last and the blessings to go beyond. Do open my heart and mind to understand my Deen.


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