Really goes beyond …

Its June already …. so fast half a year is gone.  6 more days to my life’s crossroads.  In one hand I feel bless to be able to reach till this age and on the other hand …. apprehensive.

I was on 2 days mc since Thursday …. alhamdulillah feel much better now and today was able to attend the last segment of Sirah and beyond.

If the previous weeks lessons was an eye-opener …. today was a mind-opener.  We touched on the topic of the Prophet’s message …. What was the message and why the message?

The discussions and sharing by the teacher really makes me realise how much of our life are control by beliefs that was passed down to us via channels such as our parents, our teachers, books, friends etc.  How lacking I am in not asking relevant questions and doing research to seek the answers to these questions. How majority of what and why I do and act in certain manners are mostly from fear.  How attach I am to people and things around me.  How lacking is my understanding in the Oneness of Allah s.w.t.

Indeed, this last session is the core of the workshop, it opens a new perspective or rather a different and more positive perspective on my religion, the message that Allah s.w.t wants us to receive from the Prophet s.a.w. and what it means to belief in “qada’ and qadar” of life.

Learning what I’ve learned just makes me want to learn more …. to discover more.

A very BIG THANK YOU to our Sirah teacher and the PS team for the hard work during these workshops.  I hope many more sisters will be able to attend the next workshop …. it’s so beneficial.

Tomorrow is the start of another class, “Ramadhan and Beyond” …. looking forward and hoping that whatever knowledge I gain will be fruitful and beneficial to me and my family and that this year’s Ramadhan will be much much better than the last.

Can’t wait!!!! 🙂


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