Kampung Buangkok

Singapore used to have many kampung (villages), but many of  these have been demolished in the name of redevelopment…. a pity really cos with the diminishing of the kampungs, the spirit of community also disappeared. Now, most of us come from dual income family and so with the busy lifestyle that we have, we hardly know our neighbours nor have time to interact with one another.

Still, thanks to the ACIS team building committee, I was able to visit the only kampung left in Singapore.

Welcome to Kampung Buangkok, the last kampung of Singapore 🙂

Kampung Buangkok was first established in 1956. Consists of about 28 single storey zinc-roofed houses.

The rustic and rural environment are surrounded by tropical plants and trees such as tapioca, papaya trees, mango trees, hibiscus plants, guave trees and many more.

Letters anyone? 😀

Wonder whose hand those imprints belong to …. hmm

See how huge the leaves are?

 Even though the weather was humid and hot during our visit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself …. It has been a long time since I visit a kampung and the walked around the kampung brought back nostalgic memories of days gone by 🙂

Hope this kampung will be able to survive for many more years and beyond 🙂

It has become the pride of our heritage ….. 🙂

Note : Pics courtesy of ACIS Committee.


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