26th May 2012

Today’s menu is Mee Goreng (Fried Yellow Mee), requested by my 2nd daughter. She wanted to bring a tub full to her madrasah today. They are having a class party since today is the last day of class before school vacation start.


Mee Goreng

Today is also hubby’s birthday …. Happy 47th Birthday Love 🙂

Since today both our schedule are full with activities, yesterday I gave him a treat at Swensen’s. An early treat and I was happy and glad that he enjoyed his dinner of “Baked rice beef stroganoff” and “The Rock” ice-cream 🙂


Baked rice beef stroganoff


Camera shy birthday man …  (mcm mad arab plak hihihi)

Later in the afternoon, I will be going for my Sirah and beyond workshop and hubby will be going to his 4th brother’s house.  They are having a prayer done for Little Hadi (kenduri arwah)….so fast he has been gone almost 40 days 😦 Time do flies fast and wait for no man.

Oh and yesterday, I was not working so I took the opportunity to send off my husband’s 2nd cousin Yazet and his wife Ish at the airport.  They are performing “umrah” together.  Semoga kedua-dua mendapat umrah yg mabrur, Amin amin amin Ya Rabb!

After the airport, I went to pay my 4th sister’s in law a visit and yesterday my niece insisted I must come to her house again today … I have actually told my SIL that I could not make it cos I have my sirah class to attend and if I am to go there after class it will be very late .. but bless the little girl, Deja, keep on insisting to the extend sounding like she’s gonna cry if I don’t agree … sayanng Deja *muuahhh*… dengar Deja ckp mcm tu hati mak long cair arr …

So gonna try …. just to make Deja happy, even if I an to arrive there late and can stay only for few minutes, most important I am able to fulfill Deja’s wish.

Yesterday, the moment I came, the first thing she showed me is her diary and inside the diary she had written about her late brother, Hadi.  I was touched and sad at the same time though I did not show it.  Actually it is good for her to be able to express her feelings thru writing.

I have never differentiate my nieces and nephews …. whether they belong to my side of the family or my husband’s.  I love all of them but when I see some of them very cool towards me, I back off and focus only on those who’s willing to accept my attention.  Not an issue for me as long as they are happy.

May Allah bless our next generations …. to become true muslims and contribute to the ummah as best as they could. Amin!

Ok have to go now … need to get ready for my class.



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