Family sleepover..

My sister and her children had a sleepover at my house since Friday. It is moment like this that family bond are renewed and revive. We all had fun being together, doing house chores and cooking together. The nights are spent watching Korean drama …. a common interest in all of us πŸ™‚

My brother-in-law is now at Diego Garcia … posted outstation due to work.

As usual, during such gathering, my sister becomes the Chief Cook, and we simply love her cooking. Among the 4 sisters, she is the best cook ever! She really inherit our late mother’s skill. Whatever she cooks, it always turn out terrific! πŸ™‚

So on Saturday, she cooked for us, Lontong. A Malay traditional dish, consist of rice cake in coconut vegetables gravy (Lodeh) top with serunding (spicy coconut floss) and we add additional side dish like begedel (potato cutlet).



I had to leave them on their own for a while on Saturday cos of my Sirah and Beyond workshop. Gonna touch on this a bit. Yesterday’s class was awesome, again very informative and provoking to the mind. I learnt that all these while, what I assume of the Arabs are not 100% correct. I learnt more of the meaning “Jahiliyyah” and that its context is still relevant and prevalent in today’s society. Next week our class will be in Suntec City instead of Masjid Wak Tanjung. Looking forward to it πŸ™‚

Okay back to the family gathering …. this morning, for breakfast, my 2nd niece becomes the cook πŸ™‚

She made for us wraps with chicken patties slices. Yummmylicious!!!


The chicken patties wraps …. so easy to make, just need to buy the ready-made wraps, spread some blackpepper sauce, mayonnaise, chili sauce then add butterhead lettuce (or any other type of salads), shredded chicken patties, mozarella cheese and diced tomatoes (if you like). Roll and wrap it and bake in the oven for 3-5 mins and its ready to eat!

Now I’m waiting for our dinner dish …. Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa (3 flavours seabass, I’m literally translating it …hehee). It’s another Malay dish. Very spicy and delicious! …

Ok, got to go now … will post more on this dish at another time.


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